Changes to the NASCAR Point System…That all ya got???

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Changes to the NASCAR Point System…That all ya got???

We’re ’bout a month out of the 2011 Sprint Cup season hittin’ the new pavement of Daytona and NASCAR Pres Mike Helton’s press conference Friday, his – ‘competition update’ – went along way to clearin’ up all the jabber jabbin’ about proposed changes—particularly to the point system. So what’s his answer?

“We’re still thinking about it.”

Well, well, well… that’s a President leadin’ his nation. Daytona is just around the block and this could be another major change on a long list over the last eight years that ain’t seemed to make much difference worth a hill of beans.

No don’t get me wrong, an easier to understand points system would be nice, but I just figured out the last one! But just make the decision and get on with it. Just make sure it’s right!

A 43-1 point system is purdy easy to understand. But I ponder this… if I’m racin’ the last handful of laps and know I’m gonna git me 40 points and the guy in front of me is only gonna git one more point than me… it sure don’t give me much incentive to put it on the line and pass him up.

Yep this new system might be better… and it better be! But ya know, even if this new system was in place last year, JJ would have still won it all.

Sure, NASCAR is a different breed, but what other major sport changes it rules so often on how you compete and make the playoffs? Can ya imagine the NFL did that? And another thing… the re-seeding of drivers come Chase time! What sense does that make? Kevin Harvick should have been rewarded for winnin’ the long guelin regular season, not dropped in the standings.

“Hey, New York Yankees… ya just won your division, congrats! Fer doin’ so, we’re taking away yer home field advantage and droppin’ ya in the playoff seedings!

Yep, the new point system could be better. Just piss or git off the pot ‘cuz you got a bigger fish to fry! Like building yer fan base! And believe you me, makin’ the point system easier to understand ain’t gonna suddenly have new hoards of fans racin’ their way to the track or boob tube to tune it.

Quite frankly, I ain’t never been much of baseball fan and fer the life of me can’t figure out that “infield fly rule”. And even if the MLB could easily explain it to me, I wouldn’t watch more baseball.

And right now, Mike and BF… can I call you Mike and BF?… put a greater effort into what’s really ailin’ ya and it’s a lot.

1.   The season’s too long and the Chase competes with that little thing called the National Football League. Ever hear of it? Hate to tell ya but ya ain’t never gonna win that battle.

2.   Some say some the races are way too long. Hell, I love my racin’ and that don’t bother me much but there is a valid point here, especially when yer tryin’ to expand a base.

3.   Tickets and ticket package prices need to come down. Much of yer current fan base can’t afford to bring the family to the track. TAKE A MARKETING 101 CLASS!  Ya’ll quickly learn its much easier, cheaper and valuable to retain yer current customers than tryin’ to win new ones!

4.   Figure out this TV commercial thing! Ya know how frustratin’ it is when yer watching a football game and a commercial break runs too long and ya miss ONE play? Drives ya crazy don’t it! Imagine missing 43 plays over the entire game! Get it????

5.   And finally… fer now… Ya need a better PR effort! “We’re still thinkin’ about it” 3 weeks out of the new season ain’t helpin’ much. Plus capitalize on opportunities, better handle potential negative ones. And just to help ya, sayin’ during the Chase last yer that the Chase system needs fixin’… well, that there qualifies as a bad PR thing. “Hey everybody! Watch the Chase! It’s screwed up!”

Okay, okay, I’ll conclude my porch ramblin’ fer now and if you did happen to make it down to this point, I sure do appreciate you puttin’ yer eye on it. There’s a whole lot more I could piss and moan about but… “I’m still thinkin’ ‘bout it!”


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