Bad Tattoos: #836: May The Hamburger Helper Be With You…

Bad Tattoos: #836: 

The Hamburger Helper Guy? Really? That’s the best ya could come up with? Really?  Now, I could see Charlie the Tuna… Maybe even a Scrubbing Bubble… But that effeminate little kitchen dude?  Seriously?  You even know where that hand’s been?  And what’s up with those sausage links coming out of those macaroni-shaped pipe bomb thingys? Ya know, they don’t even make Sausage Link Hamburger Helper! Crimeny!

So what ya getting next? Let me guess… those Northern Tissue Toilet Paper Bears on your buttocks pickin’ out the pieces of left behinds????  Oh, Lordy, Wait! Is that suppose to be like those Jesus praying hands? Really? Perhaps it’s time you prayed for a little divine common sense…

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