Bad Tattoos: #418: Shark!

Bad Tattoos:

I heard of the Hammerhead shark… but never a Dick  Head. (and I do hope that ain’t his wife’s name underneath)

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I do like the fact that there shark is circumcised. No offense to those of you who are not circumcised.  But when it comes to sharks and other inhabitants of oceans waters, well, they need to be clipped. There is an inordinate amount of pollutants in the oceans today. The chances of those pollutants being trapped beneath the foreskin of an uncircumcised shark… well…. can you say infection???

And have you ever tried to administer penicillin to a shark? Even a nurse shark don’t like swallowing those nasty tasting pills. Hey, why can’t they make penicillin taste like chocolate? Or beer? Their oughta be a law.

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