Quaker State 400 ’11 Preview – Jimmy Joe’s NASCAR Update!

Quaker State 400 Preview – Jimmy Joe’s NASCAR Update!

Hot Dang! NASCAR Sprint Cup racing makes it’s  inaugural visit to Kentucky Speedway for the Quaker State 400! So many unknowns but not so much! It’s gonna be a blue grass Rumble! But I’m betting on the traffic. Put yer eye on it!

PHOTOS: AP, Getty Images, Life.com, NASCAR Talk, Super Stock, Kentucky.com  MUSIC: Vince Micko, Elvis


Team Jimmy Joe has never endorsed the use of Quaker State motor oil as a substitute for corn or canola oils in cooking. Now it may seem like a good idea to use deep frying a turkey because of it’s viscosity, believe me it ain’t. Worst thing about it, the turkey will keep slippin’ right off your fork.

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