Bad Tattoos: #444: That’s a funny mouthful!

Bad Tattoos: #444:

Atta boy, Junior!  Ya made momma proud enough to immortalize the moment!  And there’s one less rat tearin’ up house trailer!

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Team Jimmy Joe does not promote sticking rats in your baby’s mouth. Sticking rats in your baby’s mouth can cause great harm to your your baby and the rat. Sticking a rat in your baby’s mouth may seem like an effective way to calm a crying baby. However, sticking rats in your baby’s mouth can lead to severe dental procedure, oral surgery, braces and chronic halitosis for your baby, not the rat.

Why we do not encourage you getting an awful tattoo of a rat in your baby’s mouth, it is a safer solution than actually sticking a rodent in your baby’s mouth. As well, there are effective alternative methods to removing rodents from your home. Some methods include rat poisons, rat traps, natural non-toxic rat poisons and flame throwers. Always consult a physician before sticking a rat in your baby’s mouth.

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