Bad Tattoos: #804: “Butterfly is Free to…” this sucks!

Bad Tattoos: #804:

If that don’t put the “tramp” in the “stamp”, don’t reckon I’ll ever know what will.

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Team Jimmy Joe does not promote Butterfly Abuse in any shape or form. Team Jimmy Joe is a strong advocate for outlawing Butterfly Abuse in the last states where Butterfly Abuse is still legal. Please be kind to Butterflies. They are important to our delicate ecosystem, and hey, it’s not easy being a Butterfly.

Damn for one thing, did you know a Butterfly’s tongue is almost as long as their body??? And their is one species of Moth who’s tongue is 3 times the length of their entire body!! Lordy! Could you imagine hauling that thing around in YOUR mouth??? For more important facts about Butterflies,  you can click right here… no… here.

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