Skin and Bones: Real Country! | Music Review

Skin and Bones: Real Country! | Music Review

“Country the way they played country when country was country.”

Put yer ear on “Skin and Bones”.

These unsigned Detroit boys are a traditional country combo with a honky tonk edge sharpened with wit and grit–like Merle, all the Hanks and Johnny Paycheck all rolled into one!  Ya got Nick Pivot singin’ lead & pickin’ acoustic guitar. Vito Marchione  plays “drums” on an amplified 1940’s tweed suitcase, as well as singin’ & acoustic guitar. Gary Rasmussen plunks bass. Ya also git Sir Tim Duvalier on lap steel.

Put yer ear on:

01 Play:  Fast Women, Slow Songs

05 Play:  Lips, Hips & Wits

03 Play:  Gene Pool

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