Funny Wedding Pictures: Ain’t never too late fer no one

Funny Wedding Pic:

Wow… Cindy Lou Who did not age  well.

Wow…  That face is tighter than a Kardashian’s britches!

Wow… is it legal to marry a sock puppet?

Wow… That’s an obvious “marrying for money”

Wow… looks like that dude from those “Saw” movies got a sex change.

Wow…The Weekly World News was right…Lizard people do exist.


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Team Jimmy Joe is not responsible for bad celebrity plastic surgery. Nor do we recommend performing breast augmentation surgery at home, even if yer stepfather is good with a hunting knife. Same goes for most other plastic surgery procedures as well excluding tummy tucks and liposuction.Hell, anyone with a good ORECK vacuum can do the job cleanly.

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