Good Sam Club 500 Preview ’11! TALLADEGA, Baby! – Team Jimmy Joe

Good Sam Club 500 Preview Video! TALLADEGA, Baby! – Team Jimmy Joe

‘Dega, baby! NASCAR Sprint Cup’s Chase Race 6 explodes in bump drafting style at Talladega Superspeedway for the Good Sam Club 500! This fast, ferocious crap shoot could throw the Chase in a flux! And new rule changes?? Really???  Now????

NASCAR pics: AP, Getty Images,,, NASCAR Talk    MUSIC: David Lindley, Hindu Love Gods

And thanks for dropping in. Comeback every week during NASCAR Sprint Cup racing season to catch Jimmy Joe’s race preview videos! Plus there’s a whole heck of a lot of other junk to cause insomnia like the worst bad tattoos, delicious redneck recipes, funny pictures, horrible wedding photos, and such. It’s just our way of diminishing your eyesight and brain capacity.

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