Bad Tattoos: #282: Tupac? Really?

Bad Tattoos: #303:

Ain’t that one of them Tupacorns?… Or is it a Unipac? Always get those two mixed up.

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Despite life-long accusations, Jimmy Joe has never run moonshine in his big black Dodge or his cousin’s Chevy Chevelle across the great state of Virginia, like say from Petersburg down to Danville. No has he taken a batch across state lines like say to New Bern, North Carolina. No sir. That would be illegal. As well, his grandma Lola DOES NOT have the best ‘shine recipe that has been passed down 4 generations. However he does like the classic 1973 movie “White Lightning” starring the great Burt Reynolds and Bo Hopkins. Yeah, Gator McKlusky was one righteous dude!

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