Bad Tattoos: #862: A Stare is Born

Bad Tattoos: #862:

Don’t ya mean “staring”???  And, oh… I stopped “starring” …The second my eyes burned from their sockets… …Bitches.

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Team Jimmy Joe is not responsible for anyone’s eyeballs being burned-out by viewing these horrible tattoo postings. As well, we don not condone tattooing huge moppet eyeballs on your breasts in attempt to raise your self-esteem. Tattooing huge moppet eyeballs on your breasts do not raise your self-esteem. We also take great offense at the singling out of “Bitches” and accusing them of starring… or staring. What about Ho’s, Dick Heads, and Assholes? Don’t Ho’s, Dick Heads, and Asshole deserve the same courtesy?

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