Funny Wedding Pictures: 13 More Weddin’ Day Dohs!

Crazy Funny Wedding Photos of Crazy Brides & Grooms

Put yer eye on more Bad Wedding Photos! Is it the wedding photographer? Or are the bride and groom just nuts? Judge for yerself. But one thing for sure, this awkward, worst, funny wedding pictures have ya laughin’! …Or just scratchin’ yer head.


…Probably something she should have checked before the “I do’s.”

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“I know you’re hungry, honey. I’ll have it out in a minute…”

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I reckon she just couldn’t take the new mother-in-law an second.

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A match made in heaven.

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Damn, nobody ever told her the ceremony was gonna take a whole twenty minutes!

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Best Man… Best Bovine… What’s the dif?

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Lord, I hate to think where that ring bearer is keepin’ it!

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When ya gotta go… ya gotta go…

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While during their break at Chi Chi’s Mexican Restaurant, the waitresses joined Shelia in her wedding party.

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Everybody knew that one day Cletus would make a beautiful bride.

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Looks like the groom’s got his own plans for after the wedding.

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In case of emergencies…

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