Random Crazy: 16 Funny Pics & Memes

Funny Pics & Memes to Chucklify Your Day

To quote the great Mahatma Gandhi , “You is Crazy Mofos, ain’t cha!”


Vintage Pez  Gun Dispenser


Duly noted.

Words to Live By ~ 16 Funny Pics & Memes


Why I don’t ride public transportation.

Why I don't ride public transportation... ~ 16 Funny Pics & Odd Memes


How Walter White got his start.

Let's Make Meth! ~ 16 Funny Pics, Vintage Memes


Proving once again, the genius of Albert Einstein.

Ya see why he was a genius? ~ 16 Funny Pics & Memes


There’s gotta to be a great story in there somewhere.

BUSTED! ~ 16 Funny Pics &  Goofy Memes


Smiling only on the inside like a proper gentleman does.

Having Fun Like a Gentleman ~ 16 Funny Pics, Vintage Memes


When there’s a problem… There is always a Redneck Solution.

When there's a problem, there's always a Redneck Solution ~ 16 Funny Pics & Memes


Who says Larry’s got no soul?

Swag ~ 16 Funny Pics & Memes


Evil Baby rules the roost.

Evil Baby ~ 16 Funny Pics & Memes


“Bring us some more drinks, mother. It’s family time.”

The Magic of Television ~ 16 Funny Pics & Memes


I suggest that you can some pizza and Doritos, too.

Grow Your Own Weed for The Winter ~ 16 Funny Pics & Memes


That explains why they call a dead man a “stiff”.

Recommended Reading ~ Sex in the Afterlife ~ 16 Funny Pics & Memes


How can a cute little cat like this turn into a thousand ugly monsters?

Good Advice ~ 16 Funny Pics & Memes


Well, at least she’s not barefoot and pregnant.

Vintage Kitchen of the 70s ~ 16 Funny Pics Classic Memes


’nuff said.

You Tell It Baby Man! ~ 16 Funny Pics & Memes

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