26 More Crazy Funny Signs

Welcome to a new display of bad & twisted funny signs

Please read carefully. A great deal of thought, time and effort were put into these signs, with each word carefully chosen to emote the ideal sexual innuendo, proper translation or perfect amount of head-scratching weirdness.


That’s what got Mary Kay Letourneau in so much hot water.

isn't that illegal? ~~ 27 Funny Signs


Get a year-long pass. You’ll thank me later.
~~ 27 Funny, Crazy Signs


Is your English shitty?

Is your English shitty? ~~ 27 Funny, Crazy Signs


I’ll be gone a few days. I’m going to visit my juice.

I want to visit the juice ~~ 27 Funny, Crazy Signs


Here come Peter Cottontail…

Here's comes Peter Cottontail... ~~ 27 Funny, Crazy Signs


Virginville. The most popular town in Pennsylvania.

The Most Popular Town on Earth ~~ 27 Funny Signs


I’ll take a Venti, please.
I'll take a Venti ~~ 27 Funny, Crazy Signs


Now, half off all weaves.

I'm getting a weave ~~ 27 Funny, Crazy Signs


It’s cheaper to make your own and the quality is better.

I can make it cheaper ~~ 27 Funny, Crazy Signs


Breakfast anyone?

Breakfast anyone? ~~ 27 Funny Signs


Ahhhh! Nothin’ like waking up with the morning wood!

Start your morning with ~~ 27 Funny, Crazy Signs


Anywhere but here.

Where ya headed? ~~ 27 Funny Signs


Boys will be girls and girls will be boys…

Kids Sex Change ~~ 27 Funny Signs


Thin people, please use the left lane.

Careful! ~~ 27 Funny, Crazy Signs


Fill ‘er up!

Fill'er up! ~~ 27 Funny, Crazy Signs


As free as it gets!

As Free as It Gets ~~ 27 Funny Signs


LOL! That dude in the pic is the funniest part!

Dragon Mom ~~ 27 Funny Signs


Makes me want to go bowling.

Makes me want to go bowling... ~~ 27 Funny Signs


Condoms required.

Safety First ~~ 27 Funny Signs


I’ll take it. I’ve always wanted to live next door to an asshole.

Truth i Advertising ~~ 27 Funny, Crazy Signs


Where asshole neighbor shops.

There's a market for everything ~~ 27 Funny, Crazy Signs


What’s your major?

What's your major? ~~ 27 Funny Signs


God! I just hate it when the grass is sad!

Sad grass is so... sad...~~ 27 Funny, Crazy Signs


What kind of style?

What Style? ~~ 27 Funny, Crazy Signs


Looks like that guy’s in.



Fun for all ages.


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