Awkward :- 15 Funny Family Pics

Charming, enduring, heartwarming family photos of my beloved loved-ones… as awkward, crazy & strange they may be.

Funny Family Pics That You’re Glad Aren’t Yours

Aunt Donna was always a sucker for a boy with a guitar… serenading her with “Cherry Pie”.

80s Serenade - 15 Funny Family Photos


The last time Rodney B. Wilson Jr. High allowed “Personal Expression” on picture day.
Hot Bodz - 15 Funny Family Photos


Where Donny and little Donny hid for about three days around the middle of every month.

Out With the Trash - 15 Funny Family Photos


Cousin Jeanie and her magical, titillating vibrating dress.

Cousin Jeanie & Her Vibrating Dress - 15 Funny Family Photos


Ask Becky & Tim, there’s just something hypnotic about their dog’s little pink eye.

Look Into My Eye - 15 Funny Family Photos


Another low-key Saturday game night at Linda & Ricky’s.

Party at Ricky's - 15 Bad Family Photos


We always knew my oldest sister Vivian could make it in the big city.

Vintage Playboy Bunny - 15 Funny Family Photos


For a moment, shit got real at Uncle Ted’s retirement party.

Uncle Ted's Retirement Party - 15 Funny Family Photos


Regretfully, we asked Kathy to make balloon animals at my nephew’s 6th birthday party.

Jesus Balloon Animals - 15 Bad Family Photos


If there were two things the Brittain family women were masters, it was  chickens & hair.

Hair. Long Beautiful Hair - 15 Funny Family Photos


Phillip: Mesmerizing all with his “come hither” look & wardrobe.

Laser Beams - 15 Bad Family Photos


“Hello, ladies.  Can I interest you in a drink… maybe an action figure?”

Little Tony - 15 Funny Family Photos


Martha & Ramone: The Head and Ass of Unicorn

The Head and Ass of Unicorns - 15 Bad Family Photos


Please, don’t get up.

Don't Get Up - 15 Funny Family Photos


Great Aunt Natalya, adhering to her strict beauty regimen.

Grandpma's Beauty Regiment - 15 Funny Family Photos


Why you’d never want to arm wrestle my sister Doris.

Strong Aunt Sally - 15 Funny Family Photos

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