Terrible Toosday! : 15 More Bad Tattoos

Bad Tattoos: The Worst of the Funny

Horrible Inkings. Awful Ideas. Regrettable Regrets

Kinda looks like the drain in my sink.

Drain Cover? - 15 More of the Worst Tattoos


Oh, Mercy Me!

O, Mercy Me! - 15 more of the Worst Tattoos


Ya gotta love Texas. Must be the oil fumes.

Texas Born & Bread - 15 More Bad Tattoos


That tat suppose to be a Stormtrooper? Most likely not.

Stormtrooper? - 15 more Bad Tattoos


Nailed it!

Nailed It! - 15 More of the Worst Tattoos


Aspiring Model Vin Los with 24 new Tattoos on his face.

Affectionately now known as “Struggling Model”.

Model Vin Los - 15 More Horrible Tattoos


Seriously? Who reads anymore?

Quit your rambling - 15 More Bad Tattoos


I love Toronto.

Storms in Toronto - 15 More Tattoo Fails


Looks like somebody’s excited about his new tats.

Someone is excited about his new tats!! ... .. ... .. 15 More Bad Tats


Come to Cuba!

Come to Cuba! - 15 More Horrible Tattoos


Guess he didn’t like his Mama enough to spend more than the ten bucks.

Poor Mama - 15 More of the Worst Tattoos



WTF? - 15 more Bad Tattoos


I kinda like Marilyn’s hat.

Marilyn Monroe says, "15 More of the Ugliest Tattoos"


Wish I had the money to waste on a crappy tattoo like that.

That's Crap - 15 More of the Worst Tattoos


Don’t waste a singel moment.

Misspelled again - 15 more Bad Tattoos

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