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I so hate Mondays.

I Hate Mondays ~ 15 Funny Pics, Memes and Such


Sorry I could not attend.

Hair in the 80s~ 15 Funny Pics, Memes and Such


Do they come in any other color?

Feet for Shoes ~ 15 Funny Pics & Memes


Highs expected in the High Teens.

High in the High Teens ~ 15 Funny Pics & Memes


Nothing sexier than a Winnebago with a faux wood grain interior.

70s Winnebago Model ~ 15 Funny Pics & Memes


Be Prepared.

The Boys Scouts of America ~ 15 Funny Pics & Memes


No French, The All-American Man of Steel

 How Superman Kisses ~ 15 Funny Pics & Memes


Eddie in the 80’s.

Eddie Murphy 1980s ~ 15 Funny Pics & Memes

That must be ruff.

When Dogs Get Hemorrhoids ~ 15 Funny Pics, Memes & Such


Fist Faces… So what are you doing tonight Mrs. Hand?

Vintage Fist Faces ~ 15 Funny Pics & Memes


God Bless America.

How Lazy Can You Be? ~ 15 Funny Pics, Memes


My aren’t you special?

My, aren't you special? ~ 15 Funny Pics, Memes ~ I Poop Jewels


Please tell me that is for singing.

Oh, those Japanese...~ 15 Funny Pics, Memes and Such


That doesn’t look good.

Opps ~ 15 Funny Pics & Memes


Advice well taken.

Fortune Cookies ~ 15 Funny Pics s, Memes & Such

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