Bad Tattoos Day! 14 More of the Worst

“I Only Regret That I Have… These Bad Tattoos”

More of the Worst in Bad Tattoos


That’s just Peachy.

Just Peachy - 14 more of the Worst Tattoos


Great. Another One Hit Wonder that will live for eternity.

Another One Hit Wonder – 14 More of the Worst Tattoos


Baby Elvis.Taking Care of Crappy.

Baby Elvis ~ 14 more Bad Tattoos


Please tell me that’s magic markers.

That's Gotta Be Magic Markers – 14 More of the Worst Tattoos


Wow. Does that dude have two mouths?
That dude have 2 mouths? ~ 14 more Bad Tattoos



Awe... 14 more Bad Tattoos


OMFG… You are correct, sir!

OMFG... Your Are Correct, Sir! ~ 14 more Bad Tattoos


What could be more fun than snowboarding down a hairy mountain?

Sky Climb ~ 14 more Bad Tattoos


Sponge Butt Tramp Tat.

Sponge Butt Tramp Stamp ~ 14 more Bad Tattoos


Is that Bono or a young Fred from Sanford and Son?

Bad Bono ~ 14 of the Worst Tattoos


Say please, you princess.

Say Please... ~ 14 more Bad Tattoos


A little A.D.D. are ya?

A little A.D.D. Are We? ~ 14 more of the worst tattoos


Yep. Bad choices. Like not paying attention in grammar class.

Bad Choice's Indeed - 14 of the Worst Tattoos

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