Worst Tattoos: 13 More Uglies

Are you sure that’s the tat you wanted?

Wallow in the Worst Tattoos

Welcome to Bad Tat Toosday


Ya reckon he meant to say, “No Rugrats”?

No Ragrets at all ~ 13 More of the Worst Tattoos


If you were going for a creepy Marilyn, you succeeded with both of them.

Creepy Marilyn ~ 13 More Terrible Tats


Life it to its fullest.

Live, Life, what's the difference ~ 13 more BAD Tats


What’s that say on his lip? Rista & Brais?

Face it, it's 13 more Horrible Tattoos


Then, after the acid kicked in…

Woof ~ 13 more of the Worst Tattoos


That’s a strange place to sprout wings.

Wing it! ~ 13 More Bad Tats


Atta boy, Wills.

Wills & Kate Forever! ~ 13 More Tattoos Fails

Your vagina looks like a pair of pliers and a multi-colored onion?

Your Vagina ` 13 More Bad Tattoos


Martin Luther Kind, looking perplexed.

MLK ~ Nailed It! ~ 13 More of the Worst Tattoos


“I’ve got the Yoy, Yoy, Yoy down in my heart. Where? Down in my heart…”

YoY! It's 13 More of the Worst Tattoos!


Makes me wonder, what does tattoo ink taste like?

Tongue Cross ~ 13 More Bad Tattoos


Did somebody step on a flower?

Dead Flower ~ 13 More of the Worst Tattoos


Lord, give me strengtheneth.

Lord, give me strength for 13 more Bad Tattoos!

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