16 Crazy Funny Family Photos

Snap Shots.  Portraits.  Sittings. Pics.

Funny, And You Thought Your Family Was Strange


Some kids can’t decide on what to wear on school picture day. For Tyler, it was which hair.

School Picture Day ~ 16 Funny Family Pics


Shit just got real at Kathy’s 5th birthday party.

Shit just got real ~ 16 Funny Family Photos


Like clockwork, Grandma paid a visit every Sunday at midnight.

When Grandma came to visit ~ 16 Funny Family Pics


It was heartbreaking to our entire family to see cousin Shelly resorting to such desperate measures.

Desperate times, Desperate Measures ~ 16 Funny Family Pics


When you see it, the funnier it gets.

~ 16 Funny Family Photos


The Owen Family, returning from what that dubbed “vacation”.

~ 16 Funny Family Photos ~


Betty & Jean – Geezy Riders.

Geezy Riders ~ 16 Funny Family Photos


You could take Aunt Lola off the farm, but you could never take the farm out of her hair.

~ 16 Funny Family Photos


Kevin. Night watchman of the Best Western Hotel, Topeka, Kansas.

~ 16 Funny Family Pics ~


Prepare yourself for the exotic Jazz Dance stylings of Martha and Rebecca.

~ 16 Funny Family Pics ~


As Emily insisted, “If the cat gets to wear make-up, so do I!”

~ 16 Funny Family Photos


Mary and Ezekiel Yoder. They may live plain, but they fish like a bitch!

~ 16 Funny Family Photos


How to style your hair for just $1.75 plus tax.

Noodle head ~ 16 Funny Family Pics


Just what we didn’t need to see. Photographic evidence of what Grandma refers to as her “Mad Skills”.

Grandma's Mad Skills ~ 16 Funny Family Pics


How Thomas got pink eye from a pink eye.

Pink Eye ~ 16 Funny Family Photos


When we told Leroy to try marketing his small business, this wasn’t what we pictured.

~ 16 Funny Family Photos

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