Can You Say Awkward?: 15 Funny Family Photos

From vintage snapshots to recent pics, take an awkward stroll through our strange and crazy family picture album.

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At work with Aunt Janice, the originator of the line, “So what are you wearing?”

"So what are you wearing" ~ 15 Awkwardly Funny Family Photos


Roger knew that the road to every girls heart began and ended with the accordion.

Chicks Dig Accordians ~ 15 Vintage Funny Family Snapshots


My sister Mary Catherine pranking Sister Mary Katherine.Pranking a Nun ~ 15 Awkwardly Funny Family Photos*

Why once again I’m stuck on the throne without any paper.

Toilet Paper Mummies ~ 15 Awkwardly Funny Family Pics


“I’ve Got a Question” – a self-portrait by Louis Martin.

Awesome 1970s Portrait ~ 15 Awkwardly Funny Family Snapshots


Meet the Brillos – Bobbi, Betty, and Doris.

The Brillo Family ~ 15 Funny Hair and Family Pics


Aunt Sandra loves her curls.

Tammy's Beer Curls ~ 15 Awkwardly Funny Family Photos


I was always amazed at just how far cousin Tami could go on just one quarter.

vintage video game girls ~ 15 Awkwardly Funny Family Photos


Grandma giving her annual birthday answer to how old she is.

Grandma'sGiving the Birthday Finger ~ 15 Funny Family Pics


Oh, oh. Look who just cut his own hair again.

Funny Hair Styles ~ 15 Funny Family Photos


My sister Carla and her fancy new Panty Hose Drying System. Patent still pending.

Boob Pany Hose Dryer ~ 15 Awkwardly Funny Family Photos


Meanwhile at Career Day at Gordon Elementary School…

It's Back Hair to School Time ~ 15 Awkwardly Funny Family Photos


It happened so quickly, we didn’t even get to see if the coon washed it hands before eating my sister Maddie.

Raccoon attacking a girl ~ 15 Awkwardly Funny Family Photos


Ladies, stock up on the Chapstick… Larry “The Lips” Litkens is back in town.
1970s Lip Suit ~ 15 Awkwardly Funny Family Photos


Suddenly it occurred to us why Aunt Mynda made so many repeat trips to the bathroom.

Penis Door Handle ~ 15 Awkwardly Funny Family Photos

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