Weird, Wild & Wonderful ~ 27 Funny Pics

Oddly Random. New & Vintage. Cool & Pop. Strangely Beautiful.

Hilarious Pics & Inspirational Memes

Awesome owl in latte foam


Illustration of spray can fating


Bob Marley shaved into back of head hair.


Inspirational Quotes - Condoms are not always safe. A friend of mine was wearing one and got hit by a bus.


Man on corner in Spiderman Costume holding up sign "God Hates Wolverine"


Classic Family Circus Cartoon... Please Kill Jimmy


Creepy dog in wearing a bloody devil skull


Light Beer Lightbulb


Colonel Sander's Drivers License


Bong Hit Barbie doll


Beware of Machine Gun Dog


Vintage Bat Woman Poster advertisment... In color


Woman waking up with a sea lion, walrus... That moment when... what the hell did I do last night


Banana Art Carvings Skelator


Woman on stretcher at McDonald's Drive Thru... God Bless America.


Vintage newspaper ad for heroin... still available


Cats tripping... the moment the catnip kicked in


Classic Album Covers - Shredding for Satan


Paul's productivity at work ~ Rubberband balls ~ Sun & Earth


Selena Gomez taking out the trash... taking her music for a walk.


Men's shirt. Face with slit to expose nipples as eyeballs


Man in Burger King shirt carrying cross. He died so we could have it our way.


Invisible Spray, It really works. Funny Products


Ice Cube then and now, N.W.a... Fishing


Hip & Toe, Vintage men's stag magazine


Vintage color snap of Herman Munster


Man staring at giant beer refrigerator. Thank you God.

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