23 Random Funny Pics to Weird Up Your Day

Strangely Odd. Hilariously Crazy. Vintage Retro Poppy Nuts.

Humorous Insanity Invades Your Shoes

African warriors attacking a Big Mac


Inspirational Quotes: When you're dead you don't know it. It's only difficult for others. It's the same way when you're stupid


matheus lopes castro illustrations exhibitionist


Nuns sitting on barstools made of naked women's legs


Newspaper Fail: Death Notices: Deaths are coming: Consider yourself forwarded


Perfectly timed photo: woman with face in breasts


Creepy town sign: Psychoville: Population 9


Classic Vintage 1970s Women's Fashions, two stewardesses


Toilet seat with wing extenders for fat people. God Bless America.


Vintage 1970s kids fashions, two boys with cute puppy. Let's eat it.


Vintage Postcard: Old man and two young women holding sausages - BratwurstBeauties from Gallitzin, Ohio


Darth Vader Condom - I will not be your father


Classic cookbook: Microwave Cooking For One - Lonely as Fuck


Creepy when you see it moment


EDM Concert - DJ - Come see my laptop live!



Classic Comics Frame: Woman crying - I gotta get out of my life



Vintage Batman & Robing Photo: Wanna get a pizza? How about some Wild Turkey and a couple of midget hookers


Arabic Kool Aid ad


Vintage Mens Magazine: A-OK for Men


Redneck Solutions: Jack Danielss bottle used to fix broken table leg


Spider & Web in Fire Alarm. The Day we let the office burn down


Steve Carell from Anchorman with Trident


Fuck T-Shirt: Definition of

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