27 Funny Pics of Interesting Random Weirdness

Strangely Odd. Randomly Bizarre. Vintage & Pop Culture Quirk.

Funny Photos to C Your Dispositionhuckle-Up




Art's most awkward moments: Man washing statues boobs with hose. Statue by sculptor Fernardo Botero


Creepy old building with sign Massage Open 7 days. Seems legit.


Great funny quotes in book: Article 24: When wearing a baseball cap, a Bro may position the brim at either 12 or 6 o'clock. All other angles are reserved for rappers and the handicapped.


Cool building mural princess awesome awsum


Coffee Mug with saying: I Miss Drugs


Aaaaay Fonzie Birthday Card scratched out with Sorry you got stabbed. Happy Days


African art Homer Simpson jug bong


Sad Chinese face in sliced green pepper: aw shit stir fwy


Cool clock made from old record album with walking dead zombie and man with cross bow


Vintage 1950s snapshot: man wearing sandwich board: Mondays are a load of old shit


Vintage illustration: VClip-on liquor dispensor on man's suit


Vintage Ad: The Love Rug strokes your body as you make love


peach spreading butt cheeks


Weird crocheted meat mask on man's face


Funny products: Martin Loofah King shower mitt


Funny incredible beard bowl with man eating noodle with chopsticks


Emo Pizza Sign on side of bus: The pizza that slices itself


Derp De Derp Man in suit with soccer ball


Vintage movie still: The Day the Earth Stood Still Alien Robot with two women touching his crotch


Awesome custom car paint job on hood: Cat with gun riding a unicorn


Creepy one-eyed cyclops skull


Vintage toys: Kid's candy cigarettes and plastic lighter from Phillip Morris


Bus in a sinkhole: Next stop, China


Ex's Revenge. Woman trashes boyfriend's car after he sleeps with her sister


Vinage pic of man with a beet tap on his forehead pouring beer into glass


Boa constrictor on someone's bed wearing rabbit bunny ears, boa python

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