23 Funny Pics to Add Awesome to Your Humorless Day

Coolio Random Crazy Pics & Memes of the Odd & Bizzaro

Happy Monday with Comical Strangeness


Fill'er Up: woman pumping gas with leg up looks like she's sticking it in her vagina meme


Young married couple ticking n a slice of pepperoni pizza into crib


Tiny mouse head mounted on wall plaque


Funny Newspaper Headline: Woman in Sumo Wrestler Suit assaulted ex girlfriend in pub after she waved dressed as Snickers


Bifg Bird alone on park bench: Somebody come and play: Sesame Street


Star Wars Admiral Akabar: Woman in playboy Bunny Outfit


Classic vintage crafts ideas magazine: Summer Crap


Model Teya Selat tattoos, St. Petersburg, Russia


Vintage Classic TV Guide Ad; Eric Estrada, Morgan Fairchild: Honeyboy movie


Seems Lijit: Uncle Phil's Daycare Van: creepy


Watermelon carved to look like viking head:


Vintage arcade game: Sea Raider: Midway 1980s


Inspirational Quotes: Words of Wisdom: I'd say go screw yourself but even you wouldn't


Funny Newspaper clipping: Mad eats underwear to beat breathalyzer: stupid criminals


Awesome art: Woman with eyeballs body


Sundest over lake, cloud looks like howling wolf


Man with kittens: cat hair is lonely people glitter


Box with happy face being crushed by car tire


Funny bowl with face and nostrils: Knitting yarn through it's nose


Columbia Pictures Logo woman with Torch: Bitches I be like I got his phone meme,


Bill Cosby pic with two women at airport: Hello Friend on his sweatshirt


Strange books you won't believe are real: Old woman Tramp for the Lord


Adult Video sign next to Jesus is watching you billboard

What'cha got to say for yourself?