15 Funny Gifs to Chuckle Up Your Day

Today’s Funniest Gifs Just For Laughs


“damn it, dog.”
Woman misses building demolition because of her dog ~ funny .gifs


snail turns on it's rocket jets and flys away ~ funny .gifs



Boy Nutella freakout ~ funny .gifs


Newswoman on camera kissed by redneck ~ funny .gifs



humping dog thumb drive computer ~ funny .gifs


Simpson's Ned Flanders in cheerleading squad ~ funny .gifs



Kim Jung Un looking through binoculars at Boama and hillary dancing ~ funny .gifs


Cats in fighter planes firing machine guns ~ funny .gifs



Hot girl in bathroom, Bill Clinton peeking around shower curtain


woman sticking tongue out ~ funny .gifs

winking eye blooms flower ~ funny .gifs



Cat fuck this fuck that ~ funny .gifs


Pissed off Elmo doll jumps off shelf ~ funny .gifs


Flying bird lands and explodes like a plane crash ~ funny .gifs

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