24 Crazy Funny Pics to Smile Up Your Day

The Weird, The Odd, The Hilarious

Vintage pamphlet: Teach your wife to be a widow, old brochures


Funny bathroom pics: T-Rex in the Shower


Funny evil face in clouds sun


Funny elementary school project:  My Wish: to have 2 quarters and 3 dollars


Vintage condom poster: policeman: I take one everywhere I take my penis


Midlle Eastern Woman in burka doing weather report on TV


picture of Michael Jackson dropping the puck at a Pittsburg Penguin hockey game


Lil' Diabeetus, Funny Lil' Debbie meme


Golfer Kevin Sadler ~ Most likely to wiggle his fingers and say don't mind if I do when he sees a donut


Funny products ~ Inflatable Jesus


shirtless fat man running, stomach looks like a face, help me


creepy face swap baby dad funny


Funny signs ~ End Road Work ~ People will protest anything these days


funny dog with fake teeth smile


funny meme ~ I can't guarantee many things but this guy definitely has a dinosaur


Cannibis gum ball machine ~ pot vending


Words of Wisdom ~ When a woman tells you that you're right, that's called sarcasm ~ inspirational quotes


Funny news story: TV~ Unicorn playing accordion ~ baby born in Walmat


Japanese girls in hardhats and short shorts


elementary school chalkboard: kid giving finger to math problems


funny meme~ vintage one-eyed monster on phone: I'd like to make an eye appointment


redneck mailtruck dragster, vehicles


Old cough syrup with alcohol, cannibis, chloroform and morphine


Funny toilet paper dispenser butt asshole

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