22 Crazy Funny Pics to Jack Up Your Laugh Meter

Randomly Funny. Oddly Strange. Comically Nuts. Perfectly Weird.

Rambo parody, 1980s dude, big hair, with machine gun guitar


Blowup advertising balloon person humping car


Note to Dear Future Han, chilled a bottle of water for you, love drunk Han


Darth Vader Chef with Jar Jar Binks head on a plater, comicon


Vintage 1950s Housewife Meme: I'm one bad relationship away from 30 cats


Funny Pool Ad Fail: !8 foot rectangular poo


Girl splits be tween wall


The Shining twins: Come play with us, Danny: Vintage 1970s color snap


Bizarre Vintage Ads: Rectorotor Anal Probe


Use Grid to Draw Pooh, evil adult version


classic statue titty twister


Gog kissing booth: Wiener licks $1


The Secret of Cooking for Cats: Vintage books you can't believe are real


redneck solution: truck door lock


Fortune Cooke: You look stupid in pictures and everyone hates you


Vintage Florida bathing beauty postcard


Funny meme: First grade in the front. Recess in the back.


Vintage illustraiton: kid in indian costume scalped woman's pubic hair


Old driftwood that looks like human torso


Ahhhh Sundays: dog on couch with mug of coffee, hair in towel wearing robe and slippers


creepy stuffed animal doll face kid


Mama’s Little Anarchist

Inspirational Quotes: Punk Anarchist: Don't forget to eat your lunch and cause some trouble

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