29 Funny Pics That Prove Kids Are Weird

Stay Crazy, Boys & Girls!


1. Like this little guy. Aim high, my friend.
funny things kids say: when I grow up I wan to be a dog


2. And this boy whose future’s so bright he’s gotta wear toilet paper roll holders.
funny kid with toilet paper tubes taped to his eyes


3. Or this caped Guardian of the Pups.
vintage snap of boy in batman costume watching over his golden retrievers


4. And this creative fashion designer.
funny kid with maxi pads stuck all over him


5. May the Farts Be With You…
funny kid on toilet going to the bathroom wearing darth vader mask


6. And this soccer guy that proves you have to be a little nuts to play goalie.
funny kid in team soccer picture


7.  And this creepy kid at the Summer Church Fair.
girt at fair gets her face painted like satan


8. And this crime-fighting protector of the Bolshoi Ballet.
Cute funny girl in tutu and spiderman mask


9. And this youngster soon destined for therapy.
funny kids in animal crate carrier


10. And this future town drunk.
funny kid in sleeping bag sleeping on roof of outdoor play house shed


 11. And this future Chippendale.
finny boy in store with plungers stuck on his nipples


12. And these kids who are either creepy as hell or extremely brilliant.
funny creepy things kids say


13. And this future Reaganesque  politician.
funny creepy things kids say: when I grow up destroy the world


14. Or these enthralled cartoon watchers.
cute kids in pajamas and costumes playing video games


15. And this might hasenpfeffer ninja.
cut kid in bunny suit, karate bunny


16. And this superhero who’s in for a rough landing.
boy jumps off dock like superman into grass


17.  And this little guy who’s anything but lost.
boy in store holding hands with mannequin


18. Or this child with serious life goals.
Funny things kids say, when I grow up I want to work with rocks


19. And this thoughtful lass who knows how to share.
Cute girl eating breakfast with toy lizards eating from her bowl


20. Check out the cartoon reflection. LOL!
funny baby presses face against  clean windows


21. Or this poor child who only wants a gasp of fresh air.
japanese mom interviewed on news wearing surgical mask, her daughter makes funny faces


22. Or this girl straight out of a Twilight Zone episode.
funny cute girl with her nose pressed against car window


23. And this boy who hates to see anything go to waste.
boy eating dog food with dog off floor


24. Or these boys, who lucky for you, only found your panties in your underwear drawer.
funny boys dancing with underwear on their heads and faces


25. And this child who knows when a finger just won’t do.
funny boy sticking his big toe up his nose


26. Or this future circus performer.
funny birthday party ~ boy trying to eat lit candle


27. And this half wit.
funny creepy kid stuck in couch


28. Or this kid who’s  developed a strong sense of identity.
Funny things kids say: I like me because firetrucks


29. And this girl who’s just too damn cute for words.
Funny cute kid with strawberry sunglasses and strawberry in her mouth

What'cha got to say for yourself?