13 Funny Gifs to Humor Up Your Day

The Best Hilarious Gifs of the Week

Funny Gifs ~ beauty queen blows out candles on cake and her eye lashes catch fire



Funny Gifs ~ cool baby on car seat dancing



Funny Gifs ~ boy peeing as friend uses stick to pump his butt like a water pump



Funny Gifs ~ horse jockey's pants fall down



Funny Gifs ~ creepy monster band



Funny Gifs ~ girl tries to ride shopping cart down street and wipes out



Funny Gifs ~ Redneck dancing kicks cat at camera



Funny Gifs ~ woman scraping dead skin off feet and sprinkling on pasta



Funny Gifs ~ star trek: Spock claw machine



Funny Gifs ~ baby toddler dancing on table



Funny Gifs ~ woman falls off mechanical bull fail



Funny Gifs ~ man opens door suv door in car wash and it get ripped off


And finally… As white as white gets…

Funny Gifs ~ White kids high fauve fail

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