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I have a boyfriend, no wait I have a fridge, funny memes


Funny Obama the Ant Christ


Funny Look alikes


Funny Vintage Books ~ How to Date a White Woman


Presidents Fight Club


funny face plants


Cool artsy pic of woman and white tiger


Classic 1950's Housewife quotes, meet your father telephone repair man


Redneck Solutions ~ What could go wring? Fork Lift Lifting Forklift


Cool Tiki Shrub Bushes


Inspirational Quotes ~ Fitness Smart Watch, I've masturbated for 4 miles


weird creepy pictures


Classic Giant Bacon Submarine Sandwich


Vintage Botnay 500Suits ~ Sexists Ads


Vintage Major Jet's Magic Paint Set


Funny News Fails ~ Whie Ho ~ Norah O'Donnell


Funny Signs ~ Doc's Motorworld ~ Come judge people from our patio


mountainside carving, baby in fetal position


Water Bottle airplane ~ weird Kanye West quote


Vintage snap of little girl holding American flag and a pistol, gun


cat in swimming pool, floaty jaws theme


Jesus at the Last Supper Painting with Umbrellas


I guess someone had to do it.

woman-beach-making-T-to-spell-out-cunt-with-letters cancun sign

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