Bad Karma: But These People Sure Had It Coming

Paybacks Are A Bitch, Bitches


Like for this shoplifter who failed to make an escape plan
Paybacks: Shoplifter running through mall crashes into glass door


Or for Scott Kelly who must’ve really screwed her over… even with his small wee wee

Paybacks: Plane flying over stadium pulling banner "Scott Kelly Has a Small Dick"


And for this dirty cyclist who’s ready to race, not to fight

Paybacks: Cyclist fight, biker pushes over cyclist, crowd jumps him, beats him up and throws him off bridge


 Or for this future astronaut

Bad Karma: Kid flies off playground merry go round powered by motorcycle


Or this girl who’s too young to know a cat has 9 lives

Paybacks: little girl tries to thow cat in a pool falls in herself


Honestly, haven’t you always wanted to do this?

Asshole parking ~ Taking up 4 spaces


And how about this guy who really thought he could take out  a garbage can

Paybacks: Boy kicks trash can and to smashes him in the head


  Or this girl who tried to screw the bartender but only screwed her thighs

Paybacks: Facebook post to girl who stole a bottle of Grenadine from bar

(damn lol)

 And this kid who messed with the wrong dog

Paybacks: Dog slaps boy in the face


Or this future field goal kicker for the Detroit Lions

Paybacks: Kid tries to kick chair out from under his friend falls on his ad

(gif bin)

Or this girl who underestimated her big brother’s ability to complete his own project

Payback: Brother hides sister's homework in computer folders for stealing his money


Or this ass who really isn’t more important than everyone else on the road

Paybacks: Driver tries to pass traffic on shoulder and hits guardrail


Or for this guy who was just trying to get some tail

Paybacks: Man tries to pull horse's tail and gets kicked


And for this guy who hitched a ride with the wrong dude

Paybacks: Facebook post to hitchhiker who stole ride's cigarettes


 And this regular Jackie Chan

Paybacks: Kid tries to kick friend but falls on his ass


Or this dude who’s now owned by his dog
Paybacks: Man tries to push a dog into the lake falls in himself

(Bark Post)

Or this kid who’d do anything for a dollar.
Bad Karma: Kid gets his head stuck in a chair


And this rocket scientist who felt the rockets red glare
Bad Karma ~ Guy launching fireworks, blows up in his crotch


Or this woman who got photobombed by her own shadow

Girl giving rabbit ears photobombed by her own shadow : paybacks

(inspire fusion)

And this kid who, well, if you’re gonna try to stick yourself into a cement vagina… expect the worst
Examples of Bad Karama ~ Kid stuck in a big vagina sculpture


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