13 Funny Gifs That’ll Keep You Laughing

Your weekly dump of hee-hees and ha-has from the crazy world of Gifdom. Chuckle on.

Funny Gifs from hilarious to strange… and perhaps a wee bit weird


funny gifs~ Creepy Ted Cruz excellent


funny gifs~ Cartoon pig dancing


funny gifs~ Britney Spears chewing gum on American Idol


funny gifs~ anime cartoon in tub washing back with tail


funny gifs~ Princess Leia, "Help me, Obi Wan, whoever the fuck you are"


funny gifs~ Me life internet candles


funny gifs~


funny gifs~ woman in bed watching clock


funny gifs~ fat man in stuffed subway car, door closes, bruce lee


funny gifs~ cat pole dancing


funny gifs~ boy lights firecracker under can and nails himself in the crotch


funny gifs~ Happy Gwen Stefani, The Voice


funny gifs~ Dog pulls "Go fuck yourself" sign out of cupboard

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