Illusion VR: The crazy new Virtual Reality Sex Suit

Behold, the Future of Sex Has Arrived at Japanese Walmart Near You.

Leave it to Japan to take masturbation to whole new level of bizarre. Introducing the Illusion VR, an extremely crazy-ass device that combines virtual reality with solo erotica sex.

Ideal for the extremely horny and perpetually lonely, this titillating new contraption will immerse you in the heart of the animated action through a Samsung Gear VR headset paired a haptic feedback suit meant to simulate the feeling of human touch, and of course, a motorized Tenga sex toy. Hey, why not? It even comes with a pair of fake tits to aid in reality. One goes where you might expect for a male user, while the other nestles just under the user’s chest, letting him fondle anime breasts.

The Illusion VR retails for around $400 in Japan and stocks are flying off the shelves. Order yours now to assure delivery by Christmas.

(A word to the wise: NEVER borrow someone else’s suit!)



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