33 Funny Signs You Surely Shouldn’t Follow

From bad English and lost in translation to just plain stupidity, oh, and a couple city planners with a crazy sense of humor, take a gander at more:

Funny Signs of the Times


1.) It’s gotta be 5 o’clock somewhere.

Funny Signs ~ baby needs beers & wine


2.) Welcome to Over Easy Street.

Funny Street Signs ~ Eggs & Bacon


3.) At least he’s a polite evil baby. “Alsjeblieft” means “please” in Dutch.

Funny Signs ~ Nutricia, Mama Die!


4.) Close enough.

Funny Signs~ Poop Tarts


5.) I wouldn’t go back there. Do I hear banjos?

Funny Signs ~ misspelled, construction area


6.) The cheapest thrill in town.

Funny Signs ~ priced to thrill! cucumbers


7.) I think I’ll just go outside.

Funny Signs ~ restroom out of service, pleas us floor


8.) That’s hilarious! I think I’m going to walk around work all day mumbling that over and over.

Funny Signs ~ restaurant menu lost in translation


9.) Wow, that’s a little harsh, wouldn’t you say?

Funny Signs ~ add concentration camp


10.) Yes, slow… nice and slooooow…

Funny Signs~ Accident Porn Area


11.) The Harris Teeter sale that’s keeping two places in business.

Funny Signs ~ Htd & Soda, All proceeds go to the American Heart Association


12.) No thanks. I can get it just fine from coworkers.

Funny Signs ~ Walgreens, flu now available


13.) How much for a cute one?

Funny Signs~ Ugly Babies


14.) Apparently, a group of radical dressmakers threatened to take over Lowndes County, GA.

Funny Pole Signs~ Stop the Muslin Invasion


15.) Scavenger hunts of the inner city…

Funny Signs~ Violators Towed and Find


16.) Wow, that’s convenient. They use to keep them buried in the crawlspace.

Funny Signs~ People and Bones in Freezer


17.) At least they’re honest.

Funny Signs ~ Ow Dental, burned out lights


18.) Damn, that’s cold.

Funny Signs ~ Eastgate Elementary School, Bellevue, WA

19.) A reflection of our judicial system?

Funny Signs~ Rush DeLay Attorneys at Law


20.) What happens in that bathroom stays in that bathroom.

Funny Signs ~ More Than Toilet delicious & happy, bad english


21.) Nice apples.

Funny Signs ~ little girl with apple boobs


22.) How many times do ya think this picture has been taken?

Funny Signs ~ Kick in de Kok museum


23.) You. Yes, you! Hey! That means you!

Funny Signs ~ lost in translation, bad english


24.) Awesome name, even funnier that it has GPS tracking. How many time do ya think the local po-po has tracked it to a drunk teenager’s bedroom?

Funny Street Signs ~ Horneytown Road


25.) How a little spacing can make all the difference.

Funny Signs ~ Massage the Rapist


26.) God bless the public school system.

Funny Signs, Bad Grammar ~ We Is Closed

27.) I second that.

Funny Signs ~ fuck vegetables, bad english lost in translation


28.) What the cluck?

Funny Signs ~ Farm Fresh Cocks Deliver


29.) For eating on the go.

Funny Signs ~ private dining restrooms


30.) If you’re into that sort of thing…

Funny Signs ~ milk any gal


31.) Just thought you should know…

Funny Signs ~ hot beverages are hot


32.) So much for subtleties.

Funny Signs ~ grab me now cock


33.) Wish my cows could follow directions like that.

Funny Signs ~ cows please close gate

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