33 Photos of Famous People When They Were Young

17.) One of the first known pictures of Abraham Lincoln, circa 1840
Young Abraham Lincoln


18.) A hand-tinted picture of 21-year-old Sir Winston Churchill in military garb, 1895
Winston Churchill, age 21, 1895


19.) Larry David, 20-years-old, enthusiasm already curbed
20-year-old Larry David 
20.) One of these hobbits is J.R.R. Tolkien
Young J.R.R. Tolkien


21.) 22-year-old Hillary Rodham Clinton, Park Ridge, Illinois, June 1969.
22-year-old Hillary Rodham Clinton, Park Ridge, Illinois, June 1969.


22.) Josef Stalin, the original hipster
Young Josef Stalin


23.) Either Howdy Doody or 10-year-old John F. Kennedy
Young John F. Kennedy, 10-years-old


24) Academy Award Winner Helen Mirren at age 25
25-year-old Helen Miren


25.) In 1964, 17-year-old Bill Clinton meets JFK
17-year-old Bill Clinton meeting JFK, July 24, 1963


26.) Henry Hank Aaron, around age 19, circa 1953
Young Hank Aaron around 19-years old circa 1953


27.) Vladimir Putin doing his best Macaulay Culkin
Young Vldimir Putin


28.) German Chancellor Angela Merkel
Young Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany


29.) A handsome 19-year-old Mahatma Gandhi
Young Mahatma Gandhi, age 19


30.) 2-year-old Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the days he was simply known as “Franny”
Young Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1884, age 2


31.) Fidell Castro
Young Fidel Castro


32.) Albert Einstein, age 3, 1882
Young Albert Einstein, age 3, 1882


33.) A young George and Barbara Bush with an even younger George, W.
A Young George Bush Family

sources: So Bad So Good, eBaums World, Buzzfeed

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