33 Funny Pics & Memes ~Justifiably Crazy & Weird

Get your goofball on. It’s time to flex your smile muscles.

Nutty Funny Pics & Chuckles

Floating Dog and Butterfy... Most beautiful Picture Ever... Or At Least Today... Except Not For The Butterfly Who Was Soon Eaten
Always remember this inspirational quote.
Recharging the cat
When Sponge Bob comes to terms with his career choices... best graffiti
Oh, what teachers put up with... classic elementary school homework blunder
Only in Russia
Great inspirational words of wisdom. Yes, the important things in life.
Classic George Bush photobomb
Where’s Morgan Freeman when you need him?
Great, funny tweet ~!~ narrating sex
Krazy Kangaroo photobomb
Truth can hurt... Classic restroom sign
1970s mens & women fashion fail
Where were these pizza gumball machines when I was a kid?
Where were these Pizza Gumboil Machines when I was a kid?
When there’s a problem, there’s always a Redneck Solution.
For every problem there's a Redneck Solution
Gosh, I could only dream of having folding doors.
Date night in Manila.
Date Night in Manila...
Will the real Slim Shady please stand up…
Will the real Slim Shady please...
Now that's what you call marketing
Great Inspirational Quotes
Hello, Captain.
Hello, Captain.
That's just freaky!
LOL! Mud bath royale.
Sex, Lies, and Video Tapes. The Early Edition.
Sex, Lies, and Video Tapes... The Early Edition
This is just an awesome picture!
This is just an awesome dog - cat pic!
Boys will be boys, fidgety or not.
How I feel most ever day.
How I feel most days of the week.
Like father like son.
This ain't quite like how my sister played with her Ken dolls.
Don’t think I want my daughter, or my wife… or me on this here see-saw!
I'm note quite sure I'd want my daughter taking a ride on that see-saw
The Ever Seductive Smile of Burt Reynolds.
That contagious Burt Reynold's smile...
Tattooed Grandma: Love this!
Awesome grandma tattoo
These hoofs are made for walkin’…
These hoofs are made for walkin'...
Who needs flying cars any ways?... ... 33 funny pics & memes
Vintage bad postcard, marching band playing musical instruments with their butt... just like I do.

sources: Ufunk, Pleated Jeans, Banana, Team Jimmy Joe, et al

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