35 Funny Pics & Memes to Humor Up Your Boring Existence

Crazy funny junk to jack up your humorless day with nutty surrealistic pop culture humor and inspirationally comic oddball weirdness.

Funny Pics & Memes & Stuff


An inspirational poster that hits right at home


Funny signs ~ Greek frat letters that I can relate to


How I feel after every meal ~ Funny pics & memes


So THAT'S how it happens! ~ Funny pics & memes


It's the heels... ~ Funny pics & memes


Nicolas Cage Found in Old Painting


Vintage bad products ~ self adhesive chest hair ~ Funny pics & memes


Seriously... ~ Funny pics & memes... funny comics housewife sarcastic


Love is the drug... ~ Funny pics & memes pain reliever not fall in love again


Yikes! That's one big giant moth! ~ Funny pics & memes


Scary & funny but true! ~ Funny pics & memes spinners


Why you can't just give a treat to the dog and not the cat... ~ Funny pics & memes


Vintage computer ad ~ Funny pics & memes


Why Nutella is soon good... ~ Funny pics & memes


So funny. I was there last Thursday. Where were you??? ~ Funny pics & memes time travel sign


Thunder man! ~ Funny pics & memes


Disney in 2017 ~ Funny pics & memes Pinochio selfie


Legos gone bad ~ Funny pics & memes dominatrix 50 Shades


'Ello, Chap! That is one dapper horse! ~ Funny pics & memes


Truth in Health Care ~ Funny pics & memes comic


Failed board games~ Vintage Trump Apprentice Game ~ Funny pics & memes


Awesomely Big Hair vintage snap 1960s


And you thought ball pits were just germy... funny pics


Jesus, nothing but net...  ...crucifix basketball hoop


A doctor that knows how to redneck engineer! ~ stethoscope headphones


KFC sexist Mother's Day ad vintage


KFC creepy pillow


Yep. Kids are weird and crazy! parents can understand


Funny Ad Fail ~ Schwiiing!


Vintage Pulp Magazine Growing Menace of Office Sex


Michelangelo just rolled over in his grave ~God, Sistine Chapel emojis


Spaghetti donut ~ Funny pics & memes


Put your hands on this awesome Ouija board tattoo! ~ Funny pics & memes


Chicken Church ~ Funny pics & memes

sources: UfunkBanana, Pleated Jeans, et al

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