33 Funny Pics ~ A Dump of the Crazy, Strange & Weird

Today’s funny dump of the inane, strange, ridiculously cool oddities for the comically crazy with an inspirationally twisted sense of humor

More Funny Pics & Memes


Vintage pic of kid in alarm clock costume Time to Wake Up America


Pepperoni pizza swimming pool rafts


Hopefully the fish will still be biting when the y get there! ~~ Amish buggy pulling motor boat


Hang in there, Texas!

Funny sign ~ flood street stop sign water stop


Hilarious! dog standing behind garden hose


Calm Down Skin! ~ funny baby seal facial mask


Accidentally Racist ~ authors name on book spine brown kids are weird funny snapchat


Funny portrait, track runners kid with attitude


Parachuting during total solar eclipse


Total solar eclipse picture that looks like cute puppy dog, side-by-side comparison


Funny meme Donald Trump looking at eclipse, want someone to look at e like that


Funny pic ~ falcon in mask with google eyes


Yikes!creepy black cat fangs biting couch


Old medievil illustration, cat with penis in mouth


God Bless the Public School System ~~ Misspelled sign, walcem back students marquee, East Paulding Middle School


Creepy Ronald McDonald 3D illustration by Will Hughes


Nope. Crazy rock climber hanging from cliff by feet


It's good to be prepared. 5-year-old son's lunchbox packed with toy gun, money, cell phone, just in case


Vintage Oklahoma Today magazine cover, Jesus & Satan


So that's how it's done! ~~ miniature man, artists painting woman's lips


I want that Job! ~~ Keith Broni Emoji Translator, BBC Breakfast TV interview


Highway into Dubai, sand dunes covering road


Cool cats topiary bushes


Funny pic of women posing in formal dresses, girl photobomb stuffing mouth with Doritos


They make pads for that. ~~ Ancient fountain statue shooting water from boob nipples


Funny dog meme, LabCorp judging me


Hilarious selfie, Boy with zeppelin hair


Cool Bacon Flip Flop Slides

Yep. Corporate Flow Chart. Birds. Shit & assholes


Pasta! weird pic of spaghetti and meatballs in toilet table setting


Truth in Art ~ great building mural, girls on cell phones


Thanks! Back at'cha! Funny cash register readout display, have a f-inng amazing day

sources: Banana, Ufunk, Dumpaday, et al

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