35 Funny Pics & Hilarious Randomness

Funny yet oddly inspirational strangeness in a crazy weird existential surreal and humorous kind of way that’ll add a little nonsensical smile to your below average, boring day.

Funny Pics & Comical Memes and Stuff


What the cluck?

What the Cluck?? ~ angry chickens


perfectly timed, kicked back skydiver playing it cool over and made islands in Dubai


It sucks getting old.

It sucks getting old... Abandoned used refrigerator, I used to be cool


Pole dancer balloon animals hat, man on subway


Incredible, beautifully painted lips indeed.

beautiful painted lips, flock of birds, lipstick


Inspirational quotes, sign, tomorrow mystical land where 99% of all human productivity is stored


Kim Jong-un with video game controller exploding bombs in ocean


Funny pics ~Godzilla toys action figures playing video games


For Sale: Genuine Legit Gucci HairHeels, high heeled hair shoes, funny pics


man wearing bad ass t-shirt, kid in wheel chair, f you kanye west


That's gotta feel good! barefooted skateboarder on 2 plates of spaghetti and meatballs


Best wall murals, street art mouse hole


Vintage 1970s catalogue ad for girdles


Share with every elementary school music teacher you know.

Funny Pole Sign Do you want to learn to play the recorder? No thanks


Charles Taylor ~ Free Cremation Winner


Cool pencil lead carvings


perfectly timed, woman sun bathing magazine ad matching her face


Mmmmmm.... Nutella... spreading on iPhone, funny pics


Vintage pic, cocktail party, old woman checking out woman in gown's butt


Smoke spewing monster truck F-you earth, Hurricane, Well, F-you, too funny memes


Fidget Spinner Theology, Father, Son, Holy Spirit, God


Cheeeeese! Family at Zoo, polar bear photobomb


Damn, they do! Overhead shot of buses carrying pilgrims to Mecca look like cassette tapes


Im miss the 80s! ~ drunkwoman in bad ass T-shirt ~ If you're not into oral sex keep your mouth shut, inspirational sayings


Vintage Ad Postcard ~ Doll holding hot dog in bow tie


When there’s a problem, there’s always a genius redneck solution.

Classic Redneck Engineering ~ Toilet Grill Cooler


Welcome to Osaka Rock City.

Rock on! ~ Japanese geisha's in traditional dress with faces painted in Kiss makeup


Funny Senior Quotes ~ High School was Easy


Cheesecake Cats ~ gunny hairless cat in sexy pose


There’s a pill for that.

There's a pill for that ~ funny names, baseball players, jerseys, semen burns


Incidental Street Art ~ manhole covers, trash n crack, smiley face


Classical Painting ~ woman holding back angry alien


Funny drunk sayings ~ may have or may not have gotten drunk, ordered sex stuff


What the...??? ~ Japanese woman in kimono in aquarium hugging giant eel


Funny vintage pic of girl holding "world is doomed, bitch" signs

sources: Dumpaday, Banana, Ufunk, et al

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