36 Funny Pics to Humor Up Your Boring Day Pronto!

More crazy and funny weirdness of the strange and comical oddball kind that’ll add some hilarious and head scratchin’ laughs and eye rolls to the stagnant doldrums of your stressful, plodding, beat-down work day.

Funny Pics & Memes to Share Some Illogical Strange Madness


"No problem. I've got this." ~ Funny dog standing on top of open refrigerator doors


Life is getting better. ~ classic comic frame texted him today and he almost texted me back


Funny Tweet ~ calm down museum man, think I know how to ride a dinosaur


Singles Night at Sea World ~ seals hugging women


Don't poke your eyes out! ~Vintage pin up pic ~ model on cone bra


Go! ~ vintage pic of dog racing start, leopard


"Cheeeeese!" ~ funny smiling horse


My Ramen is smiling at me! ~ Japanese anime girl in noodles


SEO search that knows you ~ what the f is right in front of me, funny cardboard cutout dog


When you can adjust to any situation ~ funny button I'm not easy but we can discuss it, sayings


Oops... funny pilot car in river, follow me


1970s fashions ~ Stitchcraft pattern his hers matching clothes, treasures of asia


Aw! It's okay, buddy! ~ funny dog hugged by action figures


Wheeee! ~ creepy vintage pic darwin human expression experiments


"Please let me in now!" ~ creepy kangaroo at sliding door, night


Can a toilet be any more inviting? ! crocheted toilet seat covers


I hear ya there! sarcastic 1950s housewife memes, can't come to work, sick of this shit


"Brown chicken brown meow!" ~ caught! cat sleeping with Barbie


Aw! He's trying to make his sister feel better! ~ dog in garbage can lid cone of shame


Awesome tattoo by Brindi ~ goat head bart simpson


Absolutely! News article pic of Bigfoot from Georgia with ass that won't quit


Drink up! funny beach perspective glass bikini


Quack! Duck Banananas!


So true! funny meme 18-years old in USA, illegal to buy liquor but can go into debt for education


vintage 1970s Halloween pic ! kid in homemade Chewbacca costume


Count me in!! ~ Funny meme vodka beach party! Crazy selfie of woman with chicken claw hand


Oooh! funny coconut that looks like face


Funny Halloween Pumpkin, looks like butt, wearing thong, jack-o-latern


Hilarious pics look-alikes ~ How to make this face book


Vintage ad ~ Secret of teaching yourself music, playing piano


Funny pics ~ illustrations of Thomas the Train face, human inside tank


Yes! Bag of Unicorn Farts!


He's good! ~ concert man playing violin in front of painting of woman cover her ears


Classic Finland Breakfast ~ hot coffee with vodka and one cigarette

sources:  Pleated Jeans, Banana, Ufunk, et al

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