15 Funny Gifs to Wake Up Your Week

Another crazy funny gif dump to wrap your oddball chuckle bone around. From fails to fabulous, may this collection of wacky gifs put a big fat smile on your day.

Gif-o-riffic Gifs: More of the Best in Nutty


 Someone needs their shorts changed! ~ Lion attacks girl, hits glass at zoo


Tastes like chicken.

Tastes like chicken ... little kid tries to eat bird at zoo ~ funny gifs


One solid, incredible skateboarding take…

Lit skateboard rail trick, man holds ramp



Kid jumps headfirst through bedroom door



Almost! Woman tries to catch floating chocolate over hair dryer in her mouth


A crazy deer on a Cannon Ball Run.

Doh! ... Deer runs into school and slide across floor and pout the other door



Sucker Punch! Brothers play boxing, little bro cold cocs big brother

Grandpa playing virtual reality piano?

Aw, Grandpa! Nice trick! .. old man in virtual really glasses reaches for woman's boobs ~ funny gifs

When dad thinks he has a good idea… again.

Atta boy, Dad ... dad pushes little boy down slide in a toy car, kid flies into bush and puddle



LOL! Cheerlead steps on imaginary step but's tripped by friend



Smooth! ... pizza chef tosses dough into tree



Amazing pool shot trick ~ banking quarter through chalk tubes



Burn, Barbie, burn!Burn, Barbie, Burn ~ little girls flying ballerina flys into fireplace



Now that's relaxing ... woman doing back bend on log over river falls in

If ya got the moves… Use’emWhen you gat the moves... use them ... Old people tweeting at wedding ~ old people dancing ~ funny gifs

Sources: Giphy, FOD, The Chive

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