Bad Tattoos: #688: Wee Wee Wee All The Way Home!

Bad Tattoos: #688:

I say ya sure gotta give this lass a hand!… or a foot… for creativity!

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Team Jimmy Joe does not endorse the amputation of body parts for comedic effect. How ever, if you are unfortunate to loose a limb or finger or toe in say, like a farm thresher accident like my uncle Leroy did, it can be quite funny taking advantage of that horrific farm accident.

Ya see, what uncle Leroy did, about a month after the scab healed where his arm was ripped right from it’s socket, well, he creamed a lot because the pain was still horrible, which lead to his morphine addition, That did give him some relief while the infection spread through his body before taking his life three long terrible weeks later. Come to think about, there weren’t nothing funny about it at all. Stay away from farm implements.

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