Holy Union! 15 More Funny Wedding Pictures

Funny Wedding Pictures Until Death Do Us Part

Oh, the big day. After countless months of planning and pulling your hair out, it’s time to relax and enjoy what could have been… these funny wedding pictures. Sit back and enjoy these hilarious moments, from wacky brides and ugly dresses to just plum crazy photo ideas…. and be glad that these pics aren’t yours.

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Josh & Edna: Celebrating 13 minutes of Marital Bliss.

13 Minutes of Marital Bliss ~15 Funny Wedding Pictures


The arrival of the Bride’s father.

The Arrival of the Bride's Mother ~15 Funny Wedding Photos


The longer you look at it, the funnier it gets.

Beautiful Dresses & Muffs ~15 Funny Wedding Pictures


I do not even know where to begin with this one.

WTF? ~15 Funny Wedding Pictures

Kate gets a Slip-Check.

Peek-a-boo Kate Middleton ~15 Funny Wedding Pictures


Wow. The one on the far right looks like she’s wearing Sumo wrestler undies.

Wedding Undies ~15 Funny Wedding Pictures


Does this count as a double wedding?



So 2012.
Planking ~15 Funny Wedding Pics



Great Announcement! ~15 Funny Wedding Pictures


Eighteen Wheels of Love

18 Wheels of Love ~15 Funny Wedding Photos


I so love this!

Precious! ~15 Funny Wedding Pictures


The only thing missing is the Red Solo Spit Cup.

Redneck Bride ~15 Funny Wedding Pictures


I guess they couldn’t wait.

Consumation ~15 Funny Wedding Pictures


A May-December wedding between Obi-Wan & Leia… who knew?

Star Wars ~15 Funny Wedding Pictures



Hilarious Wedding .GIF. –Tossing the Bouquet

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