27 Funny Pics of the Crazy, Weird & Blue

The Odd. The Strange. The Vintage. The New.

Humorous Pics for DIY Laughs.

Funny Pics: When you just can't even: Bear in shopping cart


Funny Pics: Gorilla picking nose


Funny Pics: funny name tag: clint cunt


Funny T-shirts: I don't run and if you see me running you should too because something is after me


Funny Pics: Google Search: does permanent marker come off a laptop screen


Funny Pics: redneck solutions, roll of tape for toilet handle


Funny Pics: funny pole sign: have you seen this cat? because he is fucking awesome


Funny Pics: vintage snap woman with bubble on head smoking on pay phone


Funny Pics: cool dog in leather coat and sunglasses


Funny Pics: baby ginger: Donald Trump the early years


Funny Pics: Dairy Queen Drama Queen logo


Funny Pics: Canada book cover


Funny Pics: family portrait with guns on porch: grandma pointing gun at kids head

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