35 Funny Pics of the Wacky & Weird Sorts

Crazy funny pictures of the randomly strange chocked full of inspirational wisdom, comically vintage pulp and illustrations, and of course, the everyday weirdness of goofy people.

Funny Pics, Nutty Memes, Odd Absurdity

Good morning, Monday. Dog yawning waiting for coffee at diner.


Straight Outta Condoms


Great sand sculpture, dragon eating bo


funny meme, guy on poster stating at me


Sleeping wife, husband with I'm a little teapot sign


Vintage snap, woman holding hands with robot, walking in park


Funny magazine placement, motor boating boobs


Funny meme - the power of beer science


Carrying two caskets in little car


Bernie Sanders for President comic book frame, punching Donald Trump


Creepy Clown photobomb


drunk woman falls, look what I can do


Big hair


Fat Spider Man with Dominos Pizza sign, too much pizza, not enough crimefighting


Funny cat on pillow


Japanese necklaces, diving man in cleavage


Inspirational words of wisdom graffiti ~ more orgasm, less wargasm


random reading Kittens in 3-D book


tricked out waffle house car


Squirrel on table ~ When you just can't even


Vintage snap Budweiser cockatiel tricks


Used car salesman - What if I told you this is the Batmobile


Funny machine switches, ballsacks


Funny T-shirt, Darth Vader & Storm Trooper on rollercoaster


Inspirational words of Wisdom ~ I suck at apologies...


Vintage pulp mystery book cover ~ Kill Him Gently


pranking sleeping friend, stacking cups


Funny selfie, Statue of Liberty


Funny T-shirt, no pants are the best pants


vintage Byte computer magazine cover, 1980s


old grandma climbing gate, no age limit to be an assassin


vintage pulp illustration, woman on subway sitting on man's neck


Funny horse with google eye blinders


funny coffee mug, you've been poisoned on bottom


Creepy ma light in mouth

sources: Team Jimmy Joe, U Funk, Pleated Jeans, Bananas, et al

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