The Hot Seats – Great Bluegrass from Virginia : Music Review

The Hot Seats (formerly Special Ed & The Short Bus)


the-hot-seats-300x200If a speedin’ diesel locomotive slammed into a banjo & fiddle string factory, wouldn’t be nearly as fun, entertain’ or musically delicious as a romp with The Hot Seats! These crazy Richmond, Virginny boys play a stew pot full of traditional bluegrass & old-time music, with a healthy dose of ragtime, jugband & Klezmer—injectin’ humor and sharp witted commentary along the way.

Influenced by and keepin’ the incantations alive of the likes of Homer and Jethro, The Skillet Likkers, George Formby, Harry Reser, Woodie Guthrie, Gus Cannon, Phil Ochs, Tommy Jarrell, Arthur Smith, Uncle Dave Macon and  Frank Zappa, these boys know how to play. And if ya can ever see them live, it’s one porch stompin’ virtuostical spectacle!

Their new Hot Seats CD, Retreat To Camp Candy Temptation Island, features seven songs pulled from the depths of the public domain of old time and ragtime music. Ya can find it on their website:

And hey, put yer ear on this diddy called “Paper Chase” from their Special Ed days off their CD “Ground Beef Patrol”:


This hear, a few years old, but one them YouTube links from the Galax music fest that they always rock:

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