NASCAR Drivers to Pick Where They Compete for Points in ’11


NASCAR Drivers to Pick Where They Compete for Points in ’11

jimmy joe's naAll right, by now ya’ll might have heard the jibber-jabber about making drivers pick  what racin’ series they can earn Championship Points in 2011… and it can only be one series.

Now I can understand their thinkin’ behind this, like makin’ the Nationwide the birthin’ center for the stars of tomorrow and not overshadowed by the big boys. But here’s what got my britches in a bind. Ya either gotta poop or get off the pot. Ya can’t be a little pregnant, BF!

I can understand yer thinking about making things better and buildin’ up the stars for tomorrow. But ya got it a little wacky.

Now I done read a quote from NASCAR Czar Bran France that said somethin’ along the lines of, and please forgive me for paraphrasing, “We want to make the Nationwide a feeder program for the Sprint Cup the way college football is fer Pro Football”

Well, I’ll be. Pro and College football are two totally separate entities that can’t go anywhere near each other’s fence line. If they do, there’s this thing called “violations & sanctions”. Plus ya don’t see that Tom Brady fella goin’ down and playin’ fer the University of Michigan (though they could use’em) now do we? And if he did, to then say “you can play and win the game but it don’t count” is dang nutty! That’s like telling the college boys that they can go back to the high school dance tonight but can’t go home with any of them pretty girls or be Prom King though they got the most votes.  “Sorry, Kez, you did good and got the most votes but we’re givin’ yer crown to the 4th place guy!” Yep, that build’s the confidence of the 4th guy.” Would love to hear Mr. 4 explain that to his grand babies someday. Just ain’t right… fer anybody.

I think the comparison you wanted to make was how Minor League Baseball feeds the Major Leagues. The two are connected and the minors do feed the majors with stars.  And yes, you do see some of the big, high-money players going back to the minors to play some but its usually to nurse a busted nut, a blown hammy or can’t quite cut it in the big leagues.

Here’s all I’m sayin’… ya either got to let the Sprint Cup boys play fer all the marbles in the Nationwide or keep them out all together. Keep’em in and yer at where yer at today. Is it really that bad?… if so ya got to give some better brain power to fix it. If ya are gonna make the change ya want, ya just might kill ticket sales and Nationwide support even further. Hmmmm… it’s a dang quagmire ain’t it! Yep, I can see why ya wanna do it, but do it right or don’t do it. Ya can’t be a little pregnant can ya? A little drunk maybe, but not a little preggers.

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