***News Flash*** Budwieser Shootout to change in ’11

DSC02706smaller-300x225***News Flash*** Budweiser Shootout to change in ’11

NASCAR announced the other day that their makin’ changes to The Budweiser Shootout: A long-standing tradition of NASCAR’s best drivers doing battle at the World Center of Racing to kick off the season—bringing up the eligible field to about 30 drivers—including any driver who done won the Rookie of the Year award from 2001-2010.

Hell, purdy much anybody with a valid driver’s license. Okay, Mr. France, I ain’t one much on tellin’ someone how to do their job, but short of adding my 84-year-grandpa from Sun City in his Harley Golf Cart, Robert-Miranda Howington is a shopping basket, “Snookie” running the track in a gerbil ball, and that “Krissy” from Threes Company whizzing around on roller skates, hell, leave it well enough alone! Change is good. But Change fer change sake is plum nutty.  Go git yerself another cold one from the porch fridge and let the big boys do their job. Leave them Ford, Chevy, Dodge and Toyota racers alone!


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