The Drive-By Truckers: Southern Rock Alive & Well | Music Review

The Drive-By Truckers: Southern Rock Alive & Well | Music Review

Southern rock is alive and well!  The Drive-By Truckersdrive by truckers decoration day, let there be rock scorch your britches with their alt country grit of deep southern broken bottle culture… hell, small town northern, too.

They take me back to the days of buying a 12-pack of cheap and shinning deer on Thursday night. Friday, hittin’ the deserted barn off Colony Rd for a whiskey bonfire. Crusin’ the city park loop on Saturday before rolling down the dirt roads to the Perrysville bar. Come Sunday, headin’ all the way up to the Toledo Speedway Jam for a spiritual intervention of Ozzy, Hatchet, and .38 Special.

Now I never saw Lynard Skynard, but I sure saw the Drive-By Truckers. Put yer ear on a few of favorites below from the DBT’s…

1_PLAY_ Let There Be Rock

2_PLAY_ Steve McQueen

3_PLAY_ Dead, Drunk & Naked

4_PLAY_My Sweet Annette

5_PLAY_ Steve McQueen

6_PLAY_ Wife Beater

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